Frequently asked questions

How can I send my photos to you?

Ideally in an email as a Jpeg photo attachment. You can also send it direct from your phone.

Can you create a keepsake for me from a printed photo?

Yes we can, but remember the quality of the image on your keepsake is dependent on the quality of the printed photo or jpeg photo you give us.

How long does it take to create and produce my keepsake?

Normally within 2 to 3 days, plus delivery time.

Can my keepsakes be posted to me?

Yes. We send it by Hermes or similar courier at a cost of £3.25 to £4.50 subject to weight.

Can I see the design to approve it prior to production?

Yes, we can send you an email with a jpeg photo attached.

Are my photos used to simply transfer an image on to the surface of the keepsake?

No. The process we use is called Dye Sublimation, using special inks and paper. The ink, on heating, changes state and penetrates the co-polymer substrate. The result is a superior product which is very durable and of exceptional quality.

Are the mugs dishwasher proof?

We are advised by the suppliers of the blank Durham mugs that you shouldn’t experience any problems with normal use in a domestic washing machine. We are advised that they shouldn’t be washed in a commercial dishwasher. We recommend that the Windsor style Bone China mugs are hand washed.

Do you offer discount for large quantities?

Yes we do. Please phone to discuss your requirements.

Are you looking for people to act as agents or to resell your keepsakes?

It is something we are considering, so please give us a call.

Can you print on to any surface in any size?

No our blank products are specially prepared with a high quality co-polymer surface (beware of cheaper versions) and the maximum size we can print is our small cushions.

Do you offer your own pictures as Table Mats, Coasters or Slate Photos?

Yes - and we also have some lovely sets of pictures created from photos donated by photographers Chris Button (Southampton) and Ian McDowall (Anglesey). All proceeds from these go to Hayling Island Donkey Sanctuary.

Can I have more than one photo on my design?

Yes – although you might find it helpful to chat it through with us.